Record Management

High Value Data Storage

We provides facilities for storage and management of high value data content. State of the art secure archiving clubbed with industry standard management makes sure you are ahead of the curve, when it comes to information storage and management. Industry standard Vaulted Archiving (Fire Resistant-Secure-Confidential) Facilities for high value data along with Regular Archiving.

Physical Storage of Documents, Files etc.

We provides storage and archiving solutions in form of document-wise, box-wise, file-wise category. Your needs are met by tailor made services ensuring efficient and cost viable solutions.

Digitization/ Turnkey Solutions as per requirement

Specifically based on client's customized requirements, We provides easy & efficient access to records in form of online storage solutions. Access is also provided in form of physical retrievals, as well as access via Record Room Facility.

Scheduled & Secure Records Destruction

Secure Records Destruction is a service of utmost concern to organizations. It not only updates the record base but also maintains the integrity of personal records. Secure records destruction is critical to business processes.

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